(Approved by Comcare)

All elected health and safety representatives (HSRs) are entitled to undertake Initial and annual Refresher WHS training approved by Comcare. The entitlement to attend a refresher course applies to all HSRs, one year after they have completed a 5-day initial course. Refresher courses are tailored to build knowledge related to specific legislative and HSR skills development and provide an overview of the learning outcomes covered in the five-day initial training.
Although primarily designed for HSRs, the training is not just for them – managers and supervisors (who have the legal duties for WHS), members of Health and Safety Committees and indeed, any other employees who wish to review their understanding of current WHS requirements and practices for making their work and workplaces healthy and safe – will benefit from attending the course.
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[This courses is not suitable for workplaces covered by Work / Occupational Health & Safety Acts in States and Territories. Not sure if your organisation is under the jurisdiction of Comcare?  CLICK HERE to find out.
For information on our OHS Courses for Victorian organisations (approved by WorkSafe Victoria)  CLICK HERE.]
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OSHA's unique approach to WHS training ensures participants enjoy their learning experience and are able to apply their practical skills and knowledge when they return to their organisations. This training equips HSRs with the confidence, skills and knowledge to represent their Work Group and to help make their workplace safer.  Comcare encourages all HSRs to attend training, as soon as possible after they have been elected.